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Airport Gloom

I'm hungry...but I don't want Starbucks. And it's NOT because I've become a holier than thou extremist leftist hippie know it's because I'm sick of wanting a turkey sandwich and then paying TEN DOLLARS for it, and then finding out its half soaked with water! A ten dollar soggy sandwich. And a Water called "Vasa" which makes me think of the German word for water, "Vasser" but with an annoying German accent. I have about 20 minutes until boarding...and I'm just irritated now. Why are we forced into buying products that suck and are overpriced? I say this as I take off not one but two layers of plastic around my water bottle, twist off the top and then realize there is a plastic peel thing UNDERNEATH the cap. Finally I get to the tastes like turkey.

So I have water that tastes like turkey and a turkey sandwich soaked in water. All for ten American dollars.

I miss Vermont already :-(

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