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#100 Drinking Wine and Taking a Bath

One of the best discoveries that I have made in my life to date:  drinking (almost) an entire bottle of wine and then taking a bath.  The trick:  drink only 3/4 of the bottle while cleaning or watching a movie, then save one glass for the bath.  Get the water really hot, get some really nice shower gel and your favorite conditioner and get ready for a good solid hour of hanging out in the bathtub with your glass of wine.

I recommend Pinot Grigio, the ultimate relaxing wine.  You can also drink the whole bottle without feeling sick because it tastes so good :-)

You'll feel tingly and amazing and totally relaxed....this activity is HIGHLY recommended by KTB

Recommended for 2011 List!

Hey y'all!! So I'm going to start a countdown of things that I highly recommend doing during the 2011 year.  I'm gonna try and get up to 100 things that you should do this year, according to me.  Follow and see what amazing things could be in store for you :-)