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Orienting the Disoriented

First day of the SIT Grad Program orientation was completed today, by me, and it was great!  Except for the fact that it was literally 95 degrees and I didn't want to make friends because I was so sweaty and nasty, as it turns out, I did end up making some friends because it turns out everyone here is extremely nice.

Life has been mostly the same up until now, I'm sensing a big change in my life.  I'm mostly excited about taking Kiswahili courses again!! So now its indisputable, I'm a huge dork and SIT is more than the place for me.

On to the EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!!

I will be re-venturing back to my Washingtonian roots (by DC standards, I lived there a long time, as its such a transitive city) and I can't wait to reconnect with my lovely friends.

AKA showing DC what a REAL hurricane is like (so back down, Earl, I got this).  Pictures and some great stories involving trannies and frozen margaritas are sure to follow, stay tuned!

As for my Vermonterlusting, I have had some run-ins with the "diverse locals"

My favorites include so far: "Man who walks around outside the Catholic Church on Main Street wearing Caution tape and holding a sign that says 'Vote No to say No!"

Voting for what, I still haven't figured out.

Second favorite goes to the couple having the really loud and awkward conversation about whether or not they should "dumpster dump this baby, I can't keep off the crack for another 2 weeks"

I'm holding out for the nude people though, I have a feeling they don't come out until the temperature drops below 50 degrees.

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