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that was a play on "heeyah"  and "pie"

either way

here's the picture!


The Great Apple Cheese Pie Experiment

So this past weekend we had a wonderful New England experience apple picking and hay riding through corn fields and pumpkin patches...I'm not sure how many more fall words I can fit into that sentence, but I'm sure you all get the picture.

Anyways, I went a little overboard and picked a 1/3 bushel of apples, also known as two ppecks.  This equivalent to the amount of apples it would take a month for one person to eat.  Being a good Vermonter, I felt really bad about wasting apples, so I decided to bake a pie.

Not just any pie...I decided to be a little creative....Also, I had a pound of Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar in my fridge that I have been trying to get rid of...and I also felt like being a little dicey so I made my own pie crust!!  Lots of butter, improvising plastic bags to roll it out, and 24 hours later I had a great pie crust.

But I didn't have enough for the TOP.  I completely forgot about the top of the darn pie...

So I made some dough last second to put on top...and I put some butter in it?  Because?? Still not sure.

Also, the only dish I had was a 3 inch deep 10 inch across cake it's also something of a Chicago-style Apple Cheddar pie

Anyways, the Great Apple Cheese Pie Experiment is under way and I'm starting to smell something that could turn into something appetizing.  I'm watching Manhattan Murder Mystery, so even if this pie is a disaster the night is not for a total loss.  Pictures of the finished project to come, along with some culinary critiques...


Con-Sign me up!

I have discovered the greatest thing about Vermont and New Hampshire.  Consignment shops.  People's old things that are re-sold...really cheaply.  It's like what IKEA was supposed to be before yuppies ruined it.

Consignment shops are the embodiment of my new home.  Awesome things that people either haven't discovered yet or have brushed aside...wonderful because yuppie assholes haven't ruined it.  Like the quiet dirt road that I live on, or the fact that THIS is literally around the corner from me (watch the video, the amount of adorable-ness almost chokes you)

"We have got fresh baked cookies as big as your face"

This is the greatest place in the world to be right now.

Here is my new printer table, because my former printer table was the floor underneath my bed. And it was only $30!  Living in Vermont is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. :-)