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Night on the TOWN

So Brattleboro and Vermont in general have been pretty low key for me as of late, since I'm working foot-hurting hours at the Brewery.  Don't feel bad for me though, I have been making bi-zzzzzank and the perk of free Captain Wyman's Tavern Ale (medium body, American red ale with honey and clove notes).  I did however decide to take a big leap and go out on the town Saturday night, despite not knowing ANYONE and also having to work the next morning. Vermont surprised more than any other place ever, as it turned out to be one of the most fun nights ever!

I went to Flat Street, where they have 30 beers on tap, most from BBC (Berkshire Brewing Company), and was surprised to see a live band!  And it was a really GOOD live band! And, as it turned out, the piano and back-up singer was Abe Guthrie!!!  Who I got to meet after the show, smoke a clove outside with, and he autographed the CD I bought!

This meeting of a famous person led to meeting a lot of other people in Brattleboro, all who were extremely nice, familiar with topics like Sustainable Development, and loved to do Sake Bombs.  So we all head over to Kiplings, which by DC standards would be a horrible dive, but is actually a kickass effing place with speciality drinks that they import, like unfiltered sake and Harpoon Chocolate Stout, and the owner Jill is a pushing-something-between-50 and 80 but is wearing a tight black dress, black fishnets and black high heels, with a rhinestone studded tiara in her piled hair.

I threw myself into the wild unknown, and came out with friends, a sense of belonging, and a sake/kölsch hangover that was definitely worth working 12 hours through

How many of you can use 'threw' and 'through' in the same sentence?

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