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First Steps

8/10/10 9:18 AM – The trip and the first full day

My journey began on a hot, humid, New Hampshire day.  The only exciting event of the morning happened in the bathroom of my log-cabin home, I was blow drying my hair and out of nowhere a colossal sneeze exploded and the snot rocket of the century happened on the floor, a soft green mucus and booger emulsion.  I’m still sneezing up similar snot blends, but the only real significance to that story was that I wanted to put “booger emulsion” out onto the inter-web. 

Onto the real story of the day, My Outfit (of which I have pictures, but cannot find my camera cord within the mountains of sh** piled in my room like the Grand Titons of hardwood paneling).    Pictures are soon to come though!  Once I have a break from my new job (at the brewery in Keene, whoo!), which is a employment position that my dad would describe as  “like having the inmates run the asylum”.  Great craft beer, all day, every day, in my mouth…you can see why I haven’t had any “time” to unpack.

Back to the outfit!  So I rocked the flannel (from H & M) and some light and (pre)worn shorts (from Tommy Hilfiger).  I believe I’ve created a new fall look for any of you young designers out there, its called “trying too hard and spending too much to look down-to-earth”. 

The car ride itself was mostly uneventful, route 119 is a straight shot to the rolling hills of Vermont.  I have to say, it’s a darn pretty drive.  Until you get right to the NH/VT border, where you pass not one, not two, but THREE fireworks outlets in a row, followed by THREE liquor store/cigarette/lottery outlets, again in a row.  I don’t know why the commercial road people didn’t think of alternating fireworks and booze, although I love my state with an aggressive passion, it does make me wonder sometimes. 

So for the past few days I’ve been dying of exhaustion coupled with snotty mornings, and working every day until Tuesday.  Just this minute I’m drinking 4 cups worth of fair trade, organic, equal exchange “Mind and Soul” coffee and using up 3 whole sheets of paper towels for harvesting my own personal snot factory. 

Here is an image that I really think exemplifies the life I'm going to lead here.  It involves the hand-picked-kind-of-stolen fresh flowers from my room mates who work on a sustainable, organic farm/orchard.  Next to is is a bowl of tomatoes and basil from our garden, in a handmade pottery bowl!  

Thanks for reading, and soon I’ll post pictures! One of my favorite is of the 5 inch spider that lives in my bathtub (seen below)

Cheers and Happy days! 

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  1. where is the picture of the snot rocket? clearly that was the highlight of the posting.