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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacckkk (and in Kenya!!!)

So!  Hello.  This is a little awkward for me, because I feel really guilty about abandoning my Vermonter blog after only a few months.  The truth is that the novelty wore off, and I really thought I had embraced Vermont culture so much that I didn't have time for blogs, because I was too busy tubing down rivers, smoking all natural tobacco, drinking out of paper bags and attending free music festivals at farmhouses (see below)

I truly fell in love with Vermont.  And I miss it.  Which leads me to the reason of re-vamping the Vermonterlusting blog...I've moved to Kenya!!  I am currently working for the most kickass organization evah  , which you can real all about here.  I have been doing the most amazing things ever...and as of now I'm still in the 'volunteer intern phase', so I get to move around to the different projects going on in Kenya.  We do 6 weeks of community work, 2 weeks on Forest, and 2 weeks on Marine (which I am MOST excited for...we snorkel and look for dolphins all day long).  As I write, I am in Shimoni Village, which you can see in the little location thing.  There really are only those two main roads, with forests on each side, full of Angolan Black and White Colobus monkeys!!!

Needless to say, there is just tooo much going on to NOT write about.  I already have six weeks worth of adventure that I should have been sharing with the world.  So please, stay tuned...I am going to regiment myself to write ONE BLOG every DAY this WEEK.  Yes, its happening.  I promise.

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